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Were like, wants you in white. I said, Well I have a white dress at home, that perfect, Willam told Vulture. Husband literally went to my production space where I keep all my drag, picked up the dress and the shoes and then brought it to the set. Promoting and spreading vaccine denialism, promoting and spreading climate change denialism, national reporting of mass shootings which several experts have said encourages subsequent shootings, these are just a few examples.I will say that in practice, curtailing aspects of free speech is REALLY problematic and I say education is likely more effective. And even if it a scientific body, it still exerting control through the collective power of government at some level, otherwise it wouldn have any teeth. I not anti government, I just think the idea of trying to control what people can say in an attempt to control how people think is a bad idea.I think we have to give people more credit.

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