I remember my son wanted this certain bicycle

Wait for it. 349. Unsurprisingly, Pepsi executives quickly went from “wet dreams about next year’s bonus check” to “bathing in a tub full of whiskey with a hair dryer nearby” when thousands upon thousands of elated Filipinos came forward to claim their million pesos.Michael Blann/Lifesize/Getty Images”We’ll take half in motorcycle jumps, and half in liquor waterfalls.”Knowing they had made a huge mistake and for some reason unwilling to pay out the billions of dollars in prize money they technically owed, Pepsi covered its ass by telling the winners that the caps didn’t contain the correct security code.

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canada goose outlet online The story behind Pulgasari is far better than the film itself, and I say that having not even seen the film. You’ll notice I’m taking a lot of liberties with things I know nothing about these days, and it’s because I’m chock a canada goose outlet website legit block with pluck and aplomb that comes from my superlative powers of deduction. For instance, I have easily deduced that a North Korean Godzilla ripoff that somehow uses a man in a rubber suit kaiju as socialist propaganda can’t possibly be as awesome as the fact that the movie was made when Kim Jong il kidnapped the director and his wife from South Korea after binge watching James Bond movies, and kept them prisoner for five years until they agreed to make him a movie about a monster who fights alongside peasants against a feudal lord in a mad display of anti capitalism.. canada goose outlet online

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