Surveillance cameras were set up outside of the vet

CANTON silver rings, CT (WFSB) “We brought them in and we thought it was just a mom in a carrier and a few kittens in another, and then we opened it up and realized there were 21 kittens,” Locicero said. “I was just thinking ‘how were all these kittens outside? Where did they come from? Are they going to be okay?'”The kittens were only a few weeks old and it’s believed they are from different litters.Monday, Animal Friends of Connecticut, a non profit no kill shelter in New Britain, was called in to help find the animals a home.”We’re going to have to find foster homes for most of them because they’re not ready yet,” said Jean Blackman, shelter manager, Animal Friends of Connecticut. “They were taken away way too early from their parents.”Blackman said that in Connecticut, it’s illegal to take a kitten away from its mother if it’s under the age of 8 weeks.About one month later, on Monday, officials told Eyewitness News the kittens are set to be adopted this weekend.The Veterinary Emergency Center needs any and all donations to care for them and officials said their bills are getting close to $25,000.A report was filed with the Canton Police Department.Surveillance cameras were set up outside of the vet.

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