Leading the chant

Leading the chant is a pastor from South Carolina Mark Burns. He says Donald Trump won’t “pander” to one race. Burns also is calling on the GOP to listen to the problems of people in disenfranchised communities in the country. Often delivered with a smile, Clinton came prepared with pithy lines that undercut Trump case on the economy. In an early exchange, Clinton said Trump would push for “trickle down” tax cuts that would only benefit the wealthy, calling it, “trumped up trickle down.” When Trump got in a dig at Clinton absence from the campaign trail, she said there was nothing wrong with spending time preparing for the debate. “You know what else I did?” she asked.

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Predators are among the worst of the worst, said Colonel Marian J. McGovern, superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police. Of them have preyed on children, many are multiple offenders, and all are trying to elude the law that requires that they register so we can keep track of them.

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